21 July 2010


HOW TO SOLVE SYSTEM (COMPUTER) HANG PROBLEM                                                                                                                                                                  
System hangs Problem: The mouse freezes and the screen seem to have come to halt and also keyboard does not respond as well.
This is generally a computer hang. Main reasons behind the PC hangs are:
Why Computer Hangs?
1:- Overheating of Processor/ Motherboard if the cooling Fan is faulty; the Processor gets heated up and ceases to work beyond a particular temperature.
2:- Faulty Hard Disk Drive problems also hang the computer
3:- PCI Slot Device is faulty also create a computer hang problems
4:- Other Hardware device ex. (LAN CARD, SOUND CARD, VGA CARD) etc. also create Computer Hang problem
If you’re fixing the PC hang problem follow these steps:-
1:- Processor Fan:-Check that the Cooling fan on the Processor is working properly or not. If it’s not working properly than change the Processor fan,
2:- Hard Disk: - Check the disk error and fix the bad sector (scandisk, and chkdsk utilities in windows) If there are bad sector which can’t be repaid, than replace Hard Disk.
Example: - Run CHKDSK utilities: - Click Start and type CHKDSK in Run and press Enter (run chkdsk utilities after these steps Defragment your hard disk)
3:- PCI Slot Device: - If your PCI Slot device is faulty than create a Computer hang problem. Remove PCI Slot device one by one and check computer status when you’re find faulty device remove it.
4:- Other Hardware Issue: - If your Computer SMPS, MOTHER BOARD, PROCESSOR, is faulty System create hang problem so check these and fix hang problems                       

We’re sure after these steps will fix your system hang considerably
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