27 July 2010



If you have a computer or PC,.. A computer is a machine and every machine breaks down sometime or the other. You do not need to run to the computer technician every time your PC crashes or is attached by a malicious software. If you know some simple solutions to the most common computer problems, it will help you save a lot of time and money. There are number of common computer problems and solutions that are simple and involve glitches that can be solved by a common person like you and me in the world of computers.
There are many PC owners who think every time they face a problem with computer, they should contact professional help. True, but not every problem needs to be addressed by a computer expert. You just need to know how to fix computer problems. The following are a sume common computer problems and solutions that will help you know more on how to fix computer problems.
How to Fix Computer Problems:-
Problems with computer are basically divided into two groups, i.e., Hardware problems and Software problems. The hardware problems are related to the peripheral parts of the computer like the CD drive, hard disk, monitor, keyboard,mouse, motherborad, RAM etc. The software problems are more complicated. These problems include problems like modem problems, Windows not starting, drivers not found, etc. The first step to fix computer problems is computer problems troubleshooting. The following are a common computer problems and solutions to help you fix these problems.:

Computer Problem 1:-  Computer Problems after Power Outage
Today there are many sudden power outages, voltage problems and spikes that can damage computers. These damages cause many technical and software snags and interrupt your work. This leads to loss of data, damage to the hardware, etc. due to sudden power outage. This is a common computer problem and solution to this trouble is use of uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The UPS can provide a constant flow of energy to the computer, even if you encounter a sudden power outage. This will provide you with ample time to save your data and shut down your PC, if needed.
Computer Problem 2:- Computer Performance has Slowed Down
You may notice your computer has slowed down considerably and even a simple command execution takes ages. This is because your computer is loaded with unnecessary files, fragmented data, corrupted registry, spyware programs, services, software, etc. that makes your computer slow down. Thus, you need to manage your programs and delete unnecessary data and software that you do not use or need, clean your registry regularly to help boost at least 30% of your how to improve computer performance speed.
Computer Problem  3:-No Sound from Speakers
If you are in the mood to listen to some  music on your PC, but you get no sound from speakers, the solution to is to check the back of the computer and see if all the connectors are properly connected. The speaker or single stereo speaker plug should be put into the socket on the soundcard that has a mark Audio Outand check sound driver is working or not
Computer Problem  4:- Computer Monitor Displays Fuzzy Images
A computer monitor is the display unit of the computer that is sensitive to electro-magnetic radiations. These electro-magnetic radiations are transmitted from the TV, radio, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, speakers, etc. Mobile phones transmit electro-magnetic radiations that is one of the main cause of monitor displaying fuzzy images. Thus, move away these disturbances away from the monitor and this problem with computer monitor will be fixed.
Computer Problem  5:- Computer Freezes with Blue Screen Hijacking Your Display
There are many problems that can cause your computer screen to freeze and blue screen to appear. This may be due to a spyware or computer viruses that have affected your computer. You need to update your anti-spyware and scan your computer for any viruses. If your computer is free from any such malicious software, then you may need to update your hardware drive. A hardware drive that is not updated may cause the CPU to lock up and interrupt working of the computer. If you find the problem cropping up even after a hardware drive update, then you may need to increase computer RAM. When you increase the RAM, the computing power increases and you will also be able to avoid the computer freeze.
Computer Problem 6:- Computer Restart Problem
Another one of the many common problems with computer. In order to fix computer problem of rebooting itself again and again, you will need to check the hardware. You may have a faulty power supply, defective or dirty cooling fan, etc., that may cause the computer to reboot again and again. The dust that accumulates on the fan, makes it heat up faster and in order to cool down the computer automatically switches off. Thus, clean the fan and check for power supply. Following these simple steps will help you to solve this problems with computer. You can understand more in detail about solution computer restart problem
Computer Problem  7:- Computer Makes Strange Noises
Noises and vibrations from your computer are basically a hardware problem. Many electronic parts can make high pitch noises. You need to switch off your computer and unplug it from the power supply. Now remove the case from the CPU and restart your computer. Locate the origin of noise and then switch off the computer and unplug it. It may be a faulty fan, loose wire or screw. This means you will need to call the computer technician to help you solve your problems with computer, regarding these type of problems.
Computer Problem 8:-Windows Having Problems in Shutting Down Properly
You may have come across the message 'Windows Shutting Down' instead of 'It is now safe to switch off you computer'. This is because a program has not unloaded itself properly that makes the computer insist to run a scandisk the next time you switch on. You need to close all the programs before your shut down your PC and if it is not done, the computer waits for the program to close. It may happen you get the message 'Do you want to shut this program down or wait' or you may not. When you don't get such a message it results in what we call the hanging of the operating system.
These were just a sume common computer problems and solutions that you may encounter. You can avoid these problems if you are aware. Computer problems troubleshooting is not a easy task. You should be able to diagnose the problem to be able to correctly fix computer problem. If you do not understand anything or are still apprehensive about computer problem troubleshooting, then it is a better idea to consult a computer enginner call JSM INFOTECH ONLY DELHI & NCR
We’re sure after follow these step you’re fix your system problems
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