15 July 2010


If your System is working slow and poor performance. Many type reason of your systems performance down. If your system is virus infected than your system performance is down and create a many problems for operating system. Many unnecessary program and services running in your system results system slow and if you want to improve your system performance faster then follow these steps and improve your system performance.

1:- Install antivirus in your system and update and scan regularly. First purchase a (or download antivirus and install your systems. Than updates and scan daily if you’re use any flash media (pen drive, memory card, mobile phones ) etc. first scan media (write click media and choose scan option) and if your antivirus detect any virus this media first delete virus than open these media. These steps secure your systems in virus infection and working a good performance.

2:- Run Disk Cleanup utilities. First open my computer and right click C: drive and again click properties appear a C: drive properties windows than click Disk Cleanup option appear a Disk Cleanup  windows  select check box these option
(A)  Download program files.
(B)    Temporary Internet files.
(C)   Office setup files.
(D)  Recycle Bin
(E)   Temporary files after select check box click ok button your unnecessary files are.

3:- Disable Indexing services. First go to control panel and dabble click Add Remove Program option and click Add Remove Windows Components, appear a new window and uncheck the Indexing Service option and restart systems

4:- Disable Speed up folder Browsing options. Open my computer and click Tool option at menu bar again click Folder option choose View option and uncheck (Automatically search for network folder and printer (if you’re use network system don’t use these steps)

5:- Run Disk fragment utilities. Open my computer and right click C: Drive and go to properties option and click TOOL at menu bar appear a new window click Deferment New and choose Analyze option after analyze click defragment option. And wait to fragment your disk than complete these steps appear a massage close these massage and restart systems   

6:- Delete Temp files and Temporary internet files regularly. Delete Temp files are two options first is click START and type %TEMP% in RUN option appear a TEMP folder than selected all file and folder and delete it. Second option is open DOCUMENT AND SETTINGS in C:  drive select and click Administrator than click TOOL option in menu bar again click FOLDER OPTION and again click VIEW option and checkbox (Show Hidden Files and folder option) than click APPLY or OK   after these steps show hidden file and folder than open TEMP and TEMPORARY INTERNET FILE folders open these folder and delete all files and folders and restart system

7:- Disable visuals effect settings. Right click in My Computer and go to Properties, appear a new windows (system properties) click ADVANCE tab select SETTING option in Performance Area than click VISUAL EFFECT S and select CUSTOM option and UNCHEK all option than click ADVANCE in tab and select BACKGROUND SERVICES option again click VIRTUAL MEMORY change virtual memory and click set option than restart your systems  

8:- Remove unnecessary program. Click START and choose SETTINGS option click CONTROL PANEL appear control panel window click ADD REMOVE PROGRAM option and remove unnecessary programs (unnecessary program use RAM and space)   

9:- Disable unnecessary program in system configuration utilities. MSCONFIG type in RUN option appears SYSTEM CONFIGATION UTILITY windows click BOOT.INI. Tab and check box INOGUI BOOT and change time 0 sec by default time is 30 sec, then click SERVICE Tab and check box ( Hide All Microsoft Services) and click disable option than click STARTUP option and disable all program and services (do not disable windows services) and restart system.

10 Also make some changes in windows registry: Type REGEDIT in RUN option appear Registry window first Back Up registry than edit registry (this option is dangers to new user) click FILE option in menu bar than choose EXPORT option and save our registry our drive (D:) when export option is complete you’re ready to changes registry
1st Change: - Click HKEY_CURRENT_USER and select Control panel click DESK TOP and change these values
(A) Click AutoEndTask and change value 1 (by default value is 0 )
(B)  Click HungAppTimeOut and change value 1000  (by default value is 5000 )
(C)  Click ShowMenuDely and change value 0 (by default value is 400 )
(D) Click WaitToKillAppTimeOut and change value 10000 (by default value is 20000 )  
2nd Change: - Click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and click SYSTEM and select CURRENT CONTROL SET than click CONTROL and click WAITTOKILLSERVICES and change the value 1000 (by default value is 20000)

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